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Celebrity ‘Lookalike’ Event

258             100’s of metres of gold ribbon curled and positioned as trim on ‘Shirley Bassey’

257            The ‘Everley brothers’  I made the dogtooth 60’s suits and winkle picker shoes



‘Shania Twain’                                                                                       ‘Madonna’

Boned satin two piece                                                           flesh coloured ribboned corset

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Elton John’ss


262 260 259

the TWO Elton’s

Will the real ‘Elton’ please stand up? ….Top left is a mannequin I made of Elton John (I even made his shoes!!) The performer (Steve) is wearing a musical keys – sequined ensemble commissioned for his 40th Birthday party.


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Black and White Party

251 250                     “Awww Someone give Edward a hand”!!

I lined the black rubber and pvc suit with silk to be a little more comfortable, however the scissor hands, which were part metal were show stopping when it came to picking up drinks from the bar!

The ‘Vegas’ black and white satin showgirl outfit was trimmed in black feathers and ostrich plumes.

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Gotham city characters


252    253

Feeling pretty ‘Two Faced’!

I used latex to build up the disfiguration and matched the hairpieces to achieve symmetry.


‘Poison Ivy’

I gilded the 1,200 ivy leaves on this bodice.  The ruby jewellery was encrusted with Swarovski diamonds and the look was completed with gold eye brow prosthetics. Gorgeous.

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Charity Ball

266      267  268

The 17th century French nobility;

inspired this stunning dress for a charity Ball at Mere Golf club, 20 metres of peach satin, organza and netting completed the skirt. The boned bodice was encrusted with large diamanté. this was the first mask that I created.(I now have quite a collection)

bottom picture was published in Cheshire Life magazine.


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WDF One Water foundation



                            ‘One Water – Hero hat’ designed for World water day.

All profits sold on each bottle of water go to the ‘One’ foundation charity. helping 100’s of African villages and  people to their basic human right –  provision of  clean drinking water. Hessian ‘one water’ bags are sold through out the year also.

281The day’s event was a huge success with a combined effort in Terminal 1 of approx. 400 bottles of water sold!! The hat I made was worn so well by the lovely Tim!